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Spiritual Advisor, Angel Communicator, and Energy Healer

Meet  Maura

Maura is a well known Spiritual Advisor, Angel Communicator, Author and Energy Healer. She has dedicated the last 12 years to helping those who have lost loved ones  receive healing and closure through the heavenly messages of those that have crossed over.


Maura travels the country with the intention of bringing awareness that life continues beyond this life and the souls journey to the Afterlife occurs through the love of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Maura's knowledge of the Afterlife has been taught directly to her by the Archangels  and her own experiences with God and Jesus Christ.   


Maura has studied with several world renowned mediums over the years and is a Certified Psychic Medium. Maura is guided through the Archangels and the Love and Light of God to connect you with your loved ones on the otherside.  Maura does not, nor does she try to tell the future, as she does not feel it is her purpose.  Maura believes her purpose is  to ensure the loving and healing messages from crossed loved ones are received.  Maura's goal is to bring awareness to the continuation of life in Heaven with God and Jesus Christ.

God, our Angels and Loved Ones are always there.  Life does not end it continues and transforms!


"Whoever does not love does not know God,

because God is love". 


John 4:8

Maura's intention is to bring peace and closure to those that have lost loved ones by linking this world with a piece of Heaven in every session. With the understanding that every Soul that transitions from this life to the next carries the love and memories from this life with them and the love  only becomes greater than any love we could possibly imagine.  Life in the Heavenly realm is filled with unconditional love, joy and peace, illness, anger and jealously do not exist in Heaven. At the moment of our passing all of our Angels and Loved Ones gather around us to help us transition from this life to the afterlife. A Soul in Heaven is free of the worldly troubles, it is our true home were we live in eternal Love, Peace and Happiness with God.

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