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New Jersey

  "I recently had a 1-hour telephone reading with Maura.  I have to admit, not only was I intrigued by the quality of her reading, Maura also put me at an ease that I have not felt in a long time.  She started the reading by providing me her basis of how she conducts her readings which put the rest of the experience into perspective. 


Being a 20 year police detective, I was first guarded about the potential asking and answering of questions.  The thing was, Maura did not ask me anything.  She was able to exactly describe 2 predeceased family members who were communicating with her, even to a height relative to hers.  It was at that point that my guard was down and my heart opened up. 


Without going into specific details about what was said in my reading, I must say that I was impressed beyond belief.  I finished the reading being able to let go of some guilt that I held inside for many years.  I highly recommend Maura if you are in need of a medium.  It is way more than just a reading, it is an experience."   


New York

  "Meeting with Maura created for me and my family an opportunity to connect with our loved ones, and to learn that they do remain in our lives in ways we don’t see.  She explained the journey each of our souls take and the many angels who help us along the way.  She has a gift and goodness and kindness that is genuine.  Her passion is so obviously to help people – and that makes the time spent with her extraordinary."



 "Maura has a truly special gift. Maura provided me with closure on an issue I have been struggling with for 25 years. Her approach and her readings are thoughtful, honest, and full of love and empathy. Maura allowed me to forgive and begin the healing that I so desperately needed. There is a comfort that I now have. For this, I am so thankful to Maura for sharing her gift with me! "


New Jersey

"I have had many readings in my life. My Mother passed away when I was 22 years old and I yearned for understanding about where exactly she was when she crossed over. Over the years many mediums could see her but I never really was able to connect with her. Until I met Maura Geist. I have a strong faith in God and when I spoke to Maura I felt immediately she was coming from a place of knowing him. Maura gave me an amazing gift of understanding by connecting with my Mother. It was a piece I needed to move forward with healing. No one could have known the things Maura knew unless she saw and spoke to my Mom. We did not have the best relationship in this life so when she spoke to her I understood all the things she was saying and trying to acknowledge. This was so spot on. Not everyone can connect on a level and see the difficulties we had in this life and help me understand her level of growth in Heaven. I am forever thankful for the amazing reading I had with Maura. I tell everyone I encounter that has lost someone about her. I believe Maura is here to help us heal and know more about the afterlife.


I am forever thankful for the gift she shares with the world."



  "Maura is "the real deal". I have spoken with, met with and spent many hours with other mediums over the last 20 years or so. No one has ever made me feel or given me the amount of helpful information that Maura delivered. I felt comfortable, confident and relaxed in speaking with her. I wish everyone I knew would have a chat with her so they can feel what I felt! Thank you times a million! "


New York

  "OMG! I just got off the phone with Maura and never expected a reading to affect me like this, This woman knew I had an accident on my scooter and although she didn't know the extent of my injury, she was able to tell me my father was with me and he told her he protected me from what should have been a tragedy! She spoke in words that he use to use with me such as saying "She's still a wild child". The comfort of the validation of knowing my Dad is watching over me and still protecting me is priceless. 

This woman knew so much and I truly am in Awe...... "


New York

  "Maura is truly the bridge between here and those we love who have passed on. I really did not think that anyone could do what she did. I thought that it was all made up. I am happy to say that she is truly real. She can do this. I was told things that no one knew. She named names and specific details. I was crying as I listened to her because I felt like I was talking to my grandparents right in front of me. It is comforting to know that when people do pass that they are still there watching over us. I will keep Maura in my prayers as she has helped me more than she will ever know. Believe in her, she will help you connect."


New York

  "Maura, when I came to see you with Karan, I did not expect anything. You made a believer out of me, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I felt like I was talking to my grandparents right in front of me. You gave me comfort that I can't express. I am just happy to know that there are people who watch out for us and that we do "live" forever."

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