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My Conversation with God

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and as a young child I attended Catholic school and church every Sunday with my parents.  In my childhood, I always had a close relationship with Jesus Christ but in my teen years, I became less interested in going to church and became more disconnected from God. As I went on doing the normal things teenagers did, I would get small signs here and there of the presence of God but never really took the time to see it or truly listen. As most of us I just went along living my life doing all the things in life that we think matter. Until 1994, it was a regular night just like any other night and I had gone to bed after watching some television. Let me start by saying


I am not a vivid dreamer I never have been, this night was different. I laid down went into a deep sleep and suddenly found myself drifting up and out of my body. As I looked down I could see myself and my husband sleeping, as I continued to watch I was lifting up out and through the house. I was in awe, I could not believe what I was seeing but it was as real as I am writing this. As I kept rising I began to pass through the clouds when suddenly I came to a stop. I was hovering in space far above the clouds but still able to see the earth. In that moment I felt such a feeling of sadness and when I looked down all I could see was chaos on the earth. There were many things occurring simultaneously all over the world, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, etc. I was so upset by what I was seeing and my heart was breaking to see all the suffering. All I could say was "No no, God how can we stop this", suddenly I felt this presence completely surrounding me, I felt the overwhelming sense of Love which was so comforting but yet giving me the understanding of the true importance of life. Every particle of my soul recognized this presence, every particle in my body new it was God and there was no mistaking it. It was GOD, our Father!  I was in the presences of our Creator, I was in his realm and filled with an incredible amount of Love and Peace which went beyond anything I have ever felt before. At that moment I understood the extent of God's love. I then asked him how can we stop what I new was coming, he responded with one simple word "Love" that is the answer.  I then understood with his love, which exists within us, we can share that love with others and in turn we can change the world.  I learned his love is limitless and we were created from that limitless love.  Once I knew what he needed me to understand, I was pulled back into my body and I awoke with a completely different understanding of Love, Life and God! 

I now understood that LOVE is all that truly matters and if man does not learn to love one another the things I was shown will come to pass. Please remember we were created from such pure LOVE and are meant to share love, kindness, generosity and understanding with one another.  Love can overcome all things we just need to open our hearts to each other and listen.

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast Love.
Psalm 103:8

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