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Medium Session

Maura begins each sessions by explaining the process of communication. She will also explain the souls transition into Heaven and bridge both plains of existence by bringing throught the loving and healing messages from your loved ones. Along with characteristics and actions of your loved ones as they step forward to share a loving and often funny moment with you. 

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Angelic Guidance Session

In this session Maura will communicate with your Heavenly Angels to receive the Angelic messages to guide you in your daily life and life path. These are the Angels that were assigned to you at the moment of your creation. They are with you to help, guide and protect you in this life by the will of God.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an alternative medicine based on a belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results. Maura calls upon the intercession of God and the Archangels in the healing of her clients whether it will be a physical healing or emotional healing. This is done with the hopes of alleviating the individuals physical pain alleviating the individuals physical pain or emotional pain. There are no guarantees as it all rests on God's will but Maura will do her best to assist in this matter.

Group Lecture

Private Group Sessions

Private groups from 4 to 8 people will be held in Maura's office. For larger groups, the location will be agreed upon at the time of booking.

Please call to Schedule a Private Group



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All appointments must be confirmed 24 Hours before.
All unconfirmed appointments will be CANCELED.


Gift Certificate

Give the gift of healing and closure to
someone you love

Please note that all gift certificates are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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Intuitive Study Program                                                      

Do you struggle with understanding the signs that you receive? Do you wish to be able to decipher and comprehend this information? Intuition is an essential part of our soul that guides us throughout our lives. In this one-on-one personalized course, you can learn to access your innate divine abilities bestowed by the Creator. With this course, you can learn to tap into your intuition and gain clarity and understanding to live a fulfilling life.  In this course, Maura will provide a detailed explanation of how intuition works and will be available to answer any questions you may have during each class.


Learn the communication of your Spirit. Understanding the guidance it gives you in your life. This four-session private course.

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