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Must be 18 years or older to purchase or receive services. Services will not be rendered to anyone below the age of 18 years; date of birth must be disclosed upon scheduling of appointment. Should anyone below the age of 18 request a session with Maura they must present written consent from Legal Guardian before scheduling appointment and legal guardian must be present during session. No Exceptions.

 Purchaser (client,) self or as a gift, must be aware that any and all services purchased on this website with Maura are solely considered to be for "Entertainment Purposes Only".  Any and all services obtained through this website in no form are predictions of client's future, as clients are solely responsible for the decisions of their life actions.  Purchaser (client) upon receipt of services from this web site, client is solely responsible and free to determine their (client) own life decisions to follow the direction of their (client) choice and remains accountable for all their own actions

In no manner does Maura diagnose any illness whether psychological, physical or medical illnesses as she is NOT IN ANY FORM a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist or Medical Healthcare Doctor. Maura does NOT practice or engage in any form of healthcare and  suggests to clients to seek the appropriate medical care the client might require.

Upon purchase of Maura's services on this web site, the purchaser Understands and Agrees to the services rendered as explained to you in this web site and as explained to you by Maura.

All information attained during the services rendered, and through this web site, during a mediumship session (services rendered) does NOT represent or intended to represent any legal, financial or medical guidance. Any and all actions made by purchaser (client) based on any part of the services rendered are solely the responsibility of aforesaid purchaser (client).


As stated on web site Maura makes NO PROMISES regarding any and all services in regards to exactness, significance or quality of information, also but not limited to the services and statements through this web site. All and any liability pertaining to any person or being, is disclaimed by Maura in regards but not limited to any loss or damages, as well as physical, mental, not directly, incidentally or consequentially caused by any information, suggestions or advice stated to purchaser (client) during session or through web site, in despite of it resulting from any other cause. Maura is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any and all Purchaser (client) actions and interpretation resulting from services rendered as Purchaser (client) has free will to make their own choices and decisions.

Maura reserves the right to refuse services, as services are given at Maura's discretion, and any and all services conducted under false pretense will be considered null and void.

Any typographical errors and omissions do not change the importance, meaning or connotation of this Disclaimer.

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